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Training Program

Coaching Cognition Training Programs at a Glance

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To become a coach on our site, one must complete an approved coach training program. The Basic Coaching Cognition Course, the first in a series of three, is taught through 12 modules of 24 interactive tele-classes. The atmosphere is fun and energetic, while at the same time a safe place to share ideas and learn. The next two courses, Intermediate and Advanced, are not required for earning coach certification. However, the more training a coach has determines how much he or she can charge for sessions amongst other items.

The first class for each module involves a discussion of the written materials led by the instructor with a lot of input from the students to ensure understanding and generate new ideas. The following week, the class meets for part two. During this class, students implement what they have learned in the form of role-playing, practicing new techniques, and participating in laser coaching sessions (short practice sessions). Students are never put on the spot, but volunteer to participate in the activities as they feel comfortable. Instructors provide a supportive environment, and students are encouraged to ask for suggestions from other students, even if they are in the middle of an exercise.


Basic Coaching Cognition Course Approved by the ICF

The ICF is the International Coach Federation, which formed in 1995 and is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession. With more than 17,000 members in 100 countries, ICF sets the professional and ethical standards for coaching, provides independent certification for coaches and coach training programs, and has built a worldwide network of credentialed coaches. Currently, there are fewer than 7,000 ICF credentialed coaches worldwide. Of the respondents in an ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, 84% that have been in a coaching relationship expressed that a coach's credentials are important!

The Coaching Cognition Basic Course training program is ICF approved, and we’re in the process of having our more advanced trainings approved, giving our training and our coaches a tremendous amount of credibility. Students who have completed the Basic Coaching Cognition Course earn 30 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), and many of those students go on to complete the Intermediate Course earning an additional 30 hours. This totals 60 hours altogether, and these hours help prepare them for the ACC credential through ICF.


ICF Certification is Truly a Unique Value

According to the ICF website, a fully credentialed program:

  • Establishes and administers minimum standards for credentialing professional coaches and coach training agencies.
  • Assures the public that participating coaches and coach training agencies meet or exceed these minimum standards.
  • Reinforces professional coaching as a distinct and self-regulating

There are three different levels of ICF accreditations:

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Our Coaching Cognition training may be applied toward these credential levels. Upon completion of 60 training hours, students may apply to become an ACC.

In addition to training hours, the ICF requires documented coaching hours; the number depends on the level of credential being sought. Our Peer Coaching Program will help meet the 100 documented coaching hours needed for the ACC.

By the time a student has finished the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Coaching Cognition trainings, a total of 125 hours, they may apply for the PCC certification. At this level, 750 coaching hours are required.